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"Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise."

-Benjamin Franklin

"Between the optimist and the pessimist, the difference is droll.
The optimist sees the doughnut; the pessimist the hole!"

-Oscar Wilde

"Determine the thing that can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way."

-Abraham Lincoln 

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michellepalomar said: right now, at the age of 18, though i have experienced many realizations in life and can say that i have matured, there were still many things today that i am confused of..yes i am maturing yet there times that i get back to some of my weaknesses because i am used to that..i am a very introvert person, and it really hinders from my relationship with others and to my effectiveness as a nursing student (at duties; though i have no problem with my studies)..i think of myself as a boring company, and i am easily attracted/fall easily to boys..i never had a boyfriend, neither court me one..i am a very awkward and shy to them, as well as other people whom i'm not close with, or to strangers..does this mean that i'm looking for a father figure, though i have my father and meet everyday, but we do not talk to each other that much, probably only when needed..there are people that i feel that they are ashamed of being with me or talking to me when seen by others..there are people that make fun of me, underestimate me, even my family i think..there are classmates that i haven't just talk to even today..it's just that my thoughts are empty on what i could be saying..i have few countable friends but there were also friendships that i do think just ended..sometimes i also think and feel that my friends are not loyal to me, or as if when someone comes into us, they're the ones more pleased than I..i always feel like i'm a second choice, a replacement..i usually express myself through blogging and social networking because it's limited when i express personally..i have no close cousins, or relatives, and not talk to them during reunions..i always feel so distant to everyone..many people tell me that i'm too serious/sad looking, but i'm just in my natural look..it's been 7 months that i seek advice from our counselor and yet there were just littlest changes from me..like: i try to be pleasant looking by smiling a bit, more self aware, and wiser and objective i think..they say that silent waters run deep..i do think i have deep and overflowing thoughts that i can't release and the tendency is i am always out of my mind or blank staring which i think can affect my brain..i always dwell into self-loathing and self-pity..i have this cousin of mine which is 4 years older than me..i really get so insecure on her because she's pretty and classic, very smart and always proper..i have a sin on her before (i'm 7 years old) which is that i stole her things and coins in her room..i haven't told and apologize for that because i'm scared and that was long time ago..do you think this is the consequence, being very much insecure on her? anyway i am hoping for your advice or opinion on all of what i shared..keep it up and God bless..:)

Are you 7 years old now or were when this happened ? If you were 7 when it happened, then it is perfectly understandable because you were young. If this is your cousin then you shouldn’t be afraid of telling her, she will love you no matter what because your family and also like i said the fact that you were so young (or are young) you didn’t know any better. Although, you should tell her because in reality honesty is the best policy

From what I have read and your diction, I can tell that you think deeply about everything around you. I have met people like you, being shy is not a problem. Being quieter then others and not always having something to say isn’t something to be ashamed of or seek to change. You are different and I feel that in time you will find those friends that will not consider you a replacement. Maybe the reason that you are shy or quiet with these friends is because you feel that their not worth your time? Maybe you are bored with them.¬†Don’t be afraid of who you are, you are who you are and your that way for a reason. Some people are born one way and others another way. Live your life being you and only you. Don’t be insecure about anything because in the end everyone is beautiful inside and out in there own way, no one is inferior to anyone.

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